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Los Angeles, otherwise known as "The Town of Angels" is a city definitely worth a visit. I recommend getting your hands on a car to operate a vehicle around in, because the best places to visit are a lttle bit further out of the town centre.
There are so many things to see in L. A, it's hard to know where to begin. Coming out if the airport, I was in amazement of the scenery around me. Everything was so spacious and big compared to the UK. The temp was simply perfect for me exterior. Warm enough to not wear a jumper or coat, with a lovely breeze. In the direction of the place where I was remaining, I had developed to hit the 101 highway which told me of the picture in The Matrix Reloaded where the two lorries collide, and bought a smile my face. I actually was in Hollywood! Because I pulled in to the area I was keeping, I was wondering what movie stars I may 'bump' into and be able to take a photography with. I could barely contain myself, so I dumped my things into my room got my hire car out straight to Beverly Slopes and Hollywood.
Los Angeles Photo Studio
I received there parked my car up Los Angeles photo studio in one of the designated parking places and started out strolling through Hollywood Boulevard. I walked past Michael Jackson's celebrity on the Walk of Fame, as well as Olsen Twins, David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Typically the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Audrey Hepburn, David Hasselhoff, The particular Monkees - one of my favourite bands, Chuck Norris - Beware Walker, Arizona Ranger and Queen to name a few of my favourites. There were many traveler shops down this walk, which disappointed me somewhat because even though a main tourist attraction, it may have been much more expensive and glamorous. Not to say that my walk through Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills was anything at all less than glamorous! I walked along the shopping area and went into some of the large brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Prada etc, my favourite though, had to be going into the Ferrari car show room and being placed in my dream car, 360 Spyder. I experienced so rich. I also walked up past some of the houses plus they were all individual and beautiful. I wondered what stars lived there, because I didn't take one of the tours, I decided to walk it. Be prepared to walk a lot, since the roads are long but definitely worth it for all the things you can see. After that long walk I went back and decided to sleep as jet lag caught upward with me.
Over the next few days We visited various shopping malls (there were so many I forget them! ) and did so much shopping that I needed an extra suitcase on the way back. Also i went to all the primary attractions, Walt Disney California, Common Studios which were both left and moved to Florida due to shortage of space to broaden. I loved going here, I felt like a huge kid exploring Disney and Universal studios. I leaped into Doc from Back to the Future, or more like he practically went me using the Delorean from the film because I was being traveler and looking everywhere! It was a great day, and i also was shown the sites of L. A as they up on a hill. You can see the WB water structure and the Studios where they actually all the recording for up and approaching films. In the far distance I could evidently see the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and directly at the rear of that has been Las Vegas. It was such an attractive view, I stood for a good half an hr just soaking it all in. Beautiful. Absolutely Stunning. I watched the sun semi set over metropolis and I didn't want to leave. Went back home and looked over the pictures.
I decided it was time to strike the beach, so I going for Santa Monica Gulf. Something about this place was really similar, along with talking to some locals, I discovered out that Baywatch was really filmed here! We was very excited at that point, I was standing where the most viewed show on earth was filmed! I asked yourself into the shopping shopping center and bought more clothes then sat on the beach and had something to eat. I watched the surfers on the bay and families enjoying the beach while I waited for the sun to set. It was beautiful. I didn't want to go home. I sat for a while just listening to the waves crash on the coast, I will do that for hours. Then I made the decision it was time to go home.
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